The whole ‘indigo’ things began with New Age idea of ‘indigo children’ being the progeny of a more enlightened world. Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970s came up with this concept in true Pluto in Leo generation style. The idea spread over the subsequent decades, with books and movies spreading the blue violet message. Well, those special indigo kids have grown up and are, now, living their adult lives. They have emerged with their strong wills and intuitive intelligence, pretty much, intact. It is all about living the lifestyle you deserve, rather than following the herd.

Life Choices Lead to Lifestyles

Labels are loved by marketers and if they don’t exist, then, marketing experts invent them. The indigo label is a crystal gazing, right brain hemisphere, categorisation that is being applied to everything from homewares to high fashion. Life choices lead to lifestyles; and indigo human beings live in a pinkie blue spectrum. It is a melding of the gender associated colours, which has bestowed an asexual vibe to the identity. It coincided with the whole hairless thing and boys and girls removing the traits of our animal ancestry. It was all about a higher self and the moonbeams blasting Kundalini like to the heavens. Living the indigo lifestyle you deserve in Sydney, and wherever you are located on the planet, is what matters.

Stretching the Envelope in Different Directions

A city like Sydney has locales to play in and reside in, which lend themselves to an indigo flavour. Doing my thing in my own special way, is the beat of this generation. The uber healthy locals, in Mosman and Bondi, are on the street in their yoga wear, stretching the envelope in a different direction from those who came before. Bonus opportunities afforded by lifestyle choices enrich their lives with a certain style and grace. It may be an online thing, being part of a digital world that is rapidly accelerating.

Not Being Afraid of As Much in Life

The indigo generation has an independence from many of the cultural attachments, which connected their parent’s generation to the past. Music has become more of a heartbeat in the background, than a cry for help centre stage. Recreational drug experiences have emboldened and expanded their understanding of the states of human consciousness. Not being afraid of as much as the previous generations, puts the indigos into another realm. Will it serve them well in the long run? Is a discussion for another day. Life choices lead to lifestyles and living the indigo lifestyle you deserve is probably all that matters.